Section 16 Vote Tomorrow

Manitou Section 16 from White Acres

The current lease on Section 16 is up the end of the year. It has been leased since 1972 from the Colorado State Land Board for public recreation. It adjoins both Red Rock Canyon and White Acres and provides access to the Pike National Forest and the Paul Intemann Trail.

Both El Paso county and Colorado Springs have tried buying it from the State Land Board. A new law solved one of the issues with buying it. The remaining issue has been the price. Appraisals have come in between $2.8 million and $8.9 million.

Now the State Land Board has proposed to sell Section 16 for $3.8 million. A 99 year agreement to not develop mineral rights will cost an addition $321,000. Including a $1 million dollar grant from Great Outdoors Colorado, the city has received grant funds and pledges of $1,253,500. The rest would come from the TOPS Program.

More information on the proposal can be found here . The State Land Board is to consider the sale to Colorado Springs at an October 8th public meeting in Pueblo.

The Colorado Springs council has a resolution authorizing the Parks Department to enter into a purchase agreement for the Section 16 on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon. The Council meeting will be in the Colorado Springs City Hall at 107 N. Nevada Avenue beginning at 1:00 P.M. Section 16 is the last item on the agenda.

If you can’t make it to the council metting, contact the Council members before the meeting and let them know that Section 16 is important for outdoor recreation and the views from the city. I can never remember which district I’m in but the council district map is here. I don’t think it hurts though to contact all of them.

Colorado Springs City Council Emails

Lionel Rivera, Mayor

Larry Small, Vice Mayor

Scott Hente, Councilmember District 1

Darryl Glenn, Councilmember District 2

Sean Paige, Councilmember District 3

Bernie Herpin Jr., Councilmember District 4

Tom Gallagher, Councilmember At-Large

Randy Purvis, Councilmember At-Large

Jan Martin, Councilmember At-Large

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