Fall Back Cross Race

Colorado Springs Cyclocross

USA Cycling is putting on a cyclocross race in Colorado Springs on Sunday November 6th. Since time changes the night before, they’re calling it Fall Back Cross Race. The first race starts at 8 AM and the last race is at 3:36 PM. There will be kids races and a Strider Cup for toddlers in the afternoon. There is also a first-time women’s category for those that want to try cyclocross without the intimidation factor.

The race will be held on empty land to the east and south of the USA Cycling headquarters building. The official address is 210 USA Cycling Point but using 6000 Delmonico Drive will work better with most mapping apps. Turn at the Mateos Day Spa.

The course is primarily grass, sand/dirt, with a start and finish on pavement. It is was designed with input from Katie and Mark Compton. I’ve seen the land in the past but didn’t pay much attention. My recollection is it’s a fairly typical empty field with grass and weeds. It slopes down toward some railroad tracks so there’ll be some up and down.

Races other than those open to Cat 4 will require an annual USA Cycling license. Cat 4 racers can buy a 1 day license. There’s good and bad to this.

Most cyclocross races in Colorado are sanctioned instead by the American Cycling Association so many racers don’t have an USA Cycling license. For those planning to race Nationals, it’s good as the race counts toward ranking which will be used for call ups at Cross Nationals in Madison, WI.

For more info and start times go here. Online registration is here.

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