Red Rock Canyon, White Acres and Section 16 Trail Session

Section 16 from White Acres

The October 5th planning meeting on Red Rock Canyon, White Acres and Section 16 was to focus on trails. Some people had expressed concern that other developed areas and amenities hadn’t been sufficiently discussed. These areas were discussed and the trails discussion was moved to a new meeting on October 19th.

The meeting will again be at 6:30 PM at Westside Community Center (1628 W. Bijou St.). This is an important meeting for mountain bikers to attend to make sure the trails are open to bikes. There are some trail users that don’t want bikes allowed.

We were shown a preview of what the city and consultants are thinking about for possible trail changes. The ideas are on this Red Rock Canyon, White Acres and Section 16 map. Brown circled areas are discussed on October 5th. One thing I didn’t know is the state regulates crossings of landfills and they don’t even like trails going across a landfill and any that do must be approved by state.

Additional public workshops to continue development of the plan will be held on November 16 and January 18. All workshops will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Westside Community Center.

Some of the Colorado Springs’ most popular open spaces, Red Rock Canyon, White Acres and Section 16 were purchased primarily with TOPS funding, the one tenth of a cent sales tax dedicated solely to trails, open space and parks. A plan is needed to provide a coordinated approach to conservation, management and use of the three open space areas.

For information about the master planning process, visit the City’s website.

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