WMBA Halloween Costume Crit 2011 Photos

Saturday was the 3rd Annual WMBA Halloween Costume Crit at the SRM service center. The criterium course included pavement, dirt, curbs and rocks. As in the past, there were some great costumes.

The race had a LeMans start which was very funny to watch and is shown in the video above. Doing well required more than being fast on the bike since there were hula hoops, limbo, jello shots and hopscotch.

Once again the ladies of WMBA put on a very fun event. In addition to the crit, there was drinks, food and a raffle for a bunch of awesome prizes. There were prizes from many of the local bike shops and SRAM went all out with 2×10 drive trains and RockShox fork.

Below are a few photos. You can find many WMBA Halloween Costume Crit photos here.

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