Riding Pikes Peak Road

Pikes Peak Summit

This month there’s a trial allowing bikes on the Pikes Peak Highway. It’s $12 to ride or $8 each for groups of 4 or more. Signing a special waiver is required to bike up Pikes Peak. This weekend is the last to ride Pikes Peak.

On the weekends, 80-100 cyclists have been riding the road with fewer during the week. Nearly 800 have ridden up this month.

You can start riding at any point and a popular start has been from Crowe Gulch Picnic Ground which is about 3 miles up from the tollgate. There’s no parking at the tollgate so to do the whole ride, park in the dirt near US 24 across from Wines of Colorado. Another spot higher up to ride from is Crystal Reservoir.

For a couple Pikes Peak by bike stories, read UltraRob’s Pikes Peak Highway/Barr Trail loop and Randi Hitchcock’s ride from Crowe Gulch on UpaDowna.

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