Bikes on Pikes Peak Highway

Bike on Pikes Peak Highway

Cyclists got a chance to bike the Pikes Peak Highway during September. The Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is taking input on allowing bikes on the Pikes Peak road in the future at their meeting tomorrow, November 8th.

The meeting starts at 7:30 AM. Bikes on Pikes Peak is fairly far down on the agenda so if you can’t arrive until a little after 8 you should be there in time and give input. The meeting is at parks headquarters, 1401 Recreation Way.

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  1. Nicholas Carey says:

    So, can a single rider in town on vacation pay the toll and ride the climb? I will not be able to organize a group. I will be in town with my support crew (girlfriend in a rental car). I want to challenge myself with a feat that isn’t really accessible in Ohio.

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