CompuTrainer Races at Criterium Bicycles

Riding CompuTrainers

CompuTrainers at Carmichael Training Systems

This is last minute information for tonight but there’s 3 more Mondays in February so you can plan ahead for them. Unfortunately I just saw the info on this today.

Race with your own road bike indoors FREE! Big Mountain Adventure Racing is sponsoring the February BMAR-Criterium Computrainer Races at Criterium Bicycles every Monday evening in February.

Races begin at 6pm. The fastest racer each night gets a free BMAR SWAG bag! If you attend all four Monday events you’ll have a chance to win a 30% off BMAR race coupon!

If you’ve never ridden a CompuTrainer, who should go try them out. They have 2 different modes. In one mode it keeps your power output constant and in the other mode it changes the resistance to simulate changes in road grade. Racing uses the 2nd mode and you shift your gears to make it easier or harder just like on the road.

I haven’t seen the setup at Criterium but I have a CompuTrainer and I’ve also done the power classes at the CTS Endurance Sports Club. A couple nights during the classes I took at CTS we did some racing. It’s certainly a way to make indoor training less boring. Of course with the weather we’ve been having there hasn’t been much of a need to ride inside.

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