Global Fat Bike Day 2013

2012 Fat Bike Day in Colorado Springs

Fat bikes have become all the rage in the last year or two. Borealis Bikes makes great carbon fiber fat bike frames and are located right here in Colorado Springs. They are available locally at Pro Cycling and online at Competitive Cyclist.

Tomorrow, December 7th, is Global Fat Bike Day. It will be very cold and snowy in Colorado Springs unlike last year’s Fat Bike event here.

It is being celebrated in Colorado Springs this year in wonderful style. The event is being hosted at the spectacular Venetucci Farm and Pinello Ranch properties from 9 AM until 3 PM. The address is 5210 S. Hwy 85, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

There will be fat bike demo bikes to try out. All the bikes will have flat pedals that will interface well with heavy hiking boots/snow boots and that’ll help keep your feet warm. Ski gloves for the hands, the typical cycling glove (unless it’s a winter version) won’t keep the digits happy for long.

The Hub Bicycle Shop is once again providing the fat bike fun supporting the event with their demo fleet of Salsa & Surly cycles. They have been recognized as the fat bike experts here in the region and if you’ve ever wanted to know more about what this “fat bike thing” is, they would be more than happy to introduce you to these fantastically fun bikes.

Borealis Fat Bikes will be there as well with a selection of their new carbon fiber Yampa Fat Bike models. It’s great to see what the future of fat bikes can be and they are pushing the envelope with their beautiful cycles.

Lightfoot Cycles, a recumbent bicycle manufacturer from Montana is coming down and their cool fat bike recumbents will be sure to open your eyes and will have you pedaling in comfort! The 4-wheel ATO is going to be a crowd pleaser!

A shout-out to our local outdoor loving and community-building gurus at UpaDowna. They will be out at the event assisting with the fat bike perma-grin pedaling events and are helping us to coordinate…the Fat Bike Beach Party! You won’t want to miss the “Hub” of all the fat bike fun on the beautiful sandy beaches along Fountain Creek.

Food will be available from the Sultan of Bite Me Gourmet Sausage. There’s nothing like a nice hot brat on a chilly December day after being out fat bike pedaling!

A very special part of this day is that we will be one of the first events to be held in the new barn at the Venetucci Farm. This beautiful new facility is going to become an amazing resource for not only the farm but also the greater region, it’s an honor to be able to use it to bring people together and celebrate the natural use of our beautiful lands.

In the spirit of building a better community one bicycle and ride at a time, the Kids on Bikes Kids Bicycle Exchange will be in the barn along with the fat bike event. It’s a first-year effort for their organization and will be a wonderful opportunity for families to have the chance to trade in an unused bike on one that will be better suited to their growing children.

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